HINT Media is the commercial production business of Australian Director and Cinematographer Josh Hammond.


Josh Hammond is a director and cinematographer with a background in commercial video production for large organisations.

Josh is interested in connecting to, and portraying, the human-side of a story, even in commercial contexts. 

Through directing television commercials, shooting promotional films, documenting events across multiple countries and creating narrative content, Josh has deep experience in many production styles, from documentary to full creative production. Josh has always worked as a director, and has extensive experience shooting and producing on all types of production.

Josh grew up in the Australian outback, before studying film at the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries and later, completing a business degree majoring in marketing and advertising.

Using the skills he built throughout that time, he launched HINT Media - which creates videos for large organisations in Australia and has given him the opportunity to create hundreds of videos at home and abroad. His clients and work has included TV advertisements, major university promotion, corporate, government and countless online videos.

Josh is presently working as a director to create original narrative and commercial screen content. A selection of his work is viewable here.